Cross Bars & Bracket (Set of 4 bars)

Suitable as an accessory for Folding Motorcycle Trailer or Folding Multi-Use / Utility Trailer – Naked Frame (No Track).

There are 4 cross bars in a set and 1 bracket. The 4 bars are necessary to convert a single track Folding Motorcycle Trailer (FMT) into a double track FMT and to install the flat bed (flat top) accessory. Box sides accessory is optional and must be purchased separately.

The 4 bars are inserted into the 4 sleeves connected to the mainframe of the trailer. The bars are secured with 8 bolts which then allows the flat bed and/or extra tracks to be fitted.

Dimensions: (4 bars):
Each bar: 1.25m long x 35mm wide x 35mm high
Weight: 2.5kg EACH x 4 = 10kg for a set of 4 + 1 x Bracket.

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