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The Bulldog Folding Trailers Story

Peggy and Paul Crane – owners of Bulldog Folding Trailers

Paul with the kids enjoying the outdoors.

Paul with the kids enjoying the outdoors.

Bulldog Folding Trailers have been sold in Australia for more than 20 years.  The original design was invented by a gentleman named Arthur Brakspeare, who grew the company into an established brand in our country.

Paul first learned about the product when he took one of our own boat trailers to Bulldog’s small factory and started chatting with Mr. Brakspeare’s son.  Long story short, the inventor of the product had grown ill and could not continue in the business, and his son had other business interests.  Paul had previous work experience importing and selling trailers, so we took a big gulp and purchased the international rights to the product.

Peggy and Holly are ready for adventure!

Peggy and Holly are ready for adventure!

Paul has a background in mechanical engineering and improved the product in a number of ways, such as creating the double Folding Motorcycle Trailer by adding a 2nd track to the frame and improving the overall strength and design.

We are continually looking at new and improved designs and have just released brand new stock in Australia (April 2016) We have been working very closely with a new factory in Shanghai and are very excited about the new and improved products.

We love the fact that we can build this business at our own pace and around family and our distributors can do the same from their parts of the world.  As you can see by the photos, we enjoy spending time in the outdoors with our kids as much as our customers do.  We can work from anywhere and we can choose the hours we work and build the business globally.

South America, South Korea, Canada, Europe and the UK  are now also coming on board with distributors being signed up at the moment. Our European distributor has been working tirelessly over the last few years to get the products certified for the European market and they are just about ready to manufacture. Please contact us directly if you are based in any of these countries and we will send you the local distributors contact details.

We are looking for a distributor for the Australian market, so please let us know if you are interested?

We have had a lot of interest over the last few months from all over the World, so bit by bit, day by day we will eventually get to see the Bulldog Trailers all over the world.

We’re also excited about you, our worldwide customers, and helping you haul your favorite “toys” to your favorite outdoor playgrounds.  We’d love to hear about your experiences with Bulldog Folding Trailers products, so please be sure to drop us a line to give us your feedback.


Peggy & Paul Crane
Bulldog Folding Trailers Pty Ltd