Wheel Guards Pair (No lights included)

Wheel guards:

1) Powder Coated (Black) -Limited stock.

2) Hot Dipped Galvanised (Silver) – These are now standard on ALL models.

The wheel guards go over the 8-inch (4.80–8) tyres and the 12 inch (4.8-12) tyres.  When they come with the trailer – they have lights and when purchased as an additional item they come with NO lights.

All trailers now come standard with silver – hot dipped galvanised wheel guards.

The guards for the Folding Boat Trailer are hot dipped galvanised and silver and the guards for the FMT are  powder coated black. The galvanised guard is best for use in watery environments. We have a few black powder coated guards left in stock.

Note: Lights on the 2014 onwards guards are square and there is a number plate light within the light itself. Lights shown in this image are no longer used.

Dimensions in box:

  • 7.25kg
  • 52cm long
  • 42cm wide
  • 33cm high
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No Lights