Single Track

Suitable as an accessory for the Bulldog Folding Trailer.  The track is used for the Folding Motorcycle Trailer or Folding Multi-Use / Utility Trailer – Naked Frame (No Track).

The extra track converts a single track Folding Motorcycle Trailer (FMT) into a double track FMT, or can be used on the naked FMT.  When converting a single track FMT into a double track, the middle track is removed, and then both tracks are fitted to either side of the cross bars (cross bars accessory must be purchased separately), using 8 pins on one side of each track and 8 bolts on the other side of each track.

Dimensions: When compact: 120cm (L), 19cm (W) with bolts.


When you buy the Naked frame – and you need to carry two motorcycles – you will need:

1) TR SHS – Track with square hollow section accessories

2) TR – track only (For the additional – 2nd track)


FOLDING & UNFOLDING when set up as a double track trailer.

When the trailer is set up with two tracks – the trailer cannot be folded up. – The two tracks need to be removed by unbolting the tracks and sliding the 4 cross bars out of the main frame.

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