Two tracks need to be added to the naked frame FMT. 4 cross bars are also used for this set up. 

Please contact us for a quote on this set up.Back view of ramp for 2 bikes2 tracks on the FMT1 track on the FMTBulldog Folding Flat bed Trailer

Single Track

Suitable as an accessory for the Bulldog Folding Trailer.  The track is used for the Folding Motorcycle Trailer or Folding Multi-Use / Utility Trailer – Naked Frame (No Track).

The extra track converts a single track Folding Motorcycle Trailer (FMT) into a double track FMT, or can be used on the naked FMT.  When converting a single track FMT into a double track, the middle track is removed, and then both tracks are fitted to either side of the cross bars (cross bars accessory must be purchased separately), using 8 pins on one side of each track and 8 bolts on the other side of each track.

Dimensions: When compact: 120cm (L), 19cm (W) with bolts.


When you buy the Naked frame – and you need to carry two motorcycles – you will need:

1) TR SHS – Track with square hollow section accessories – $399.00

2) TR – track only (For the additional – 2nd track) – $272.10


FOLDING & UNFOLDING when set up as a double track trailer.

When the trailer is set up with two tracks – the trailer cannot be folded up. – The two tracks need to be removed by unbolting the tracks and sliding the 4 cross bars out of the main frame.

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