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ONE trailer is all you NEED:

** 30 seconds is all it takes to fold and unfold
the motorbike set up on the left!
  • Hot dipped Galvanised - 235Q Mild Steel
  • Fixings - 304 Stainless Steel
  • Travels at Highway Speeds
  • Gross Total Mass (GTM) - 450kg
  • 330mm to centre underside of trailer. Excellent for sandy track clearance.
  • New larger tyre upgrade from 8" to 12" tyres AVAILABLE NOW

I have recently purchased a folding trailer from Bulldog Folding Trailers. I have now utilized the trailer and found it more than adequate. The size, weight and demountable feature speaks for itself! I have also purchased the tray (flat top) and (box) sides. I see many uses around the home! The process of purchasing was very simple! I have no hesitation in recommending this business and their products.” – John Vooght, Perth, Western Australia

Folding Motorcycle
& ATVTrailer.

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Folding Boat &
Kayak / Canoe Trailers

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Folding Multi-Use
& Utility Trailers

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The Bulldog Folding Trailer is the world’s only TRUE folding trailer. There is no need to take it apart or dismantle, it literally folds and unfolds in seconds and takes less than 5 minutes to completely assemble. Watch our videos in the photo and video gallery now to see how easy it is.

Other folding trailers don’t really fold up: they just stand on end with a modestly reduced length, requiring FOUR TIMES the storage space of a Bulldog Folding Trailer.

Other trailers can also take up to 4 days to put together! Not a Bulldog! It will come in one large box – already assembled. All you need to do is read the operation manual, do the pre delivery check (list provided) and make sure the wheel alignment is “true” and then use it once, and then re check the alignment. That’s pretty much it!

Bulldog Folding Trailers fold on multiple axes, so they will fit into a corner of your garage, the trunk of your car, or even a closet in your house. And with just 5 minutes required to attach your accessories, you can be off and rolling in no time.

Safe and Strong – Your Trailer Load Will Arrive Safely

With a maximum load of 350kg in the Box Top Trailer and 390kg for the single track motorcycle trailer,  Bulldog Folding Trailers are as safe and strong as conventional trailers. Sold for more than 20 years here in Australia, these trailers are good for on-road or off-road use at speeds of up to 100 km/h. (Legal speed travelled for trailers)

The FBT – 24,300km’s travelled in 80 days. Testimonial by Glenn Hurst (Hope Foundation)

HOPE Foundation Testimonial for Bulldog

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Contact us now for a quote

Phone: 08 9430 7050 or email: jg@bulldogfoldingtrailers.com.au

** EUROPE: Our European and UK distributor is taking orders – please click on the EU flag at the top of our page and you will be directed through to the French site.  They are based in France and  manufactured in France and will be shipped all over Europe and the UK.